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Since 2009, NewsLine has come out in several thematic issues. These special issues explain to our readers the ILC's key challenges and assets or introduce the different protagonists taking part in a specific ILC milestone. We also publish special issues describing the ILC's scientific and cultural environment. Stay tuned for new issues!

Lyn Evans is new Linear Collider Director | 21 June 2012

ILC NewsLine - Lyn Evans is new Linear Collider Director Lyn Evans, former Large Hadron Collider project leader, will lead the common effort for the next linear collider as Linear Collider Director, the International Committee for Future Accelerators (ICFA) announced on 20 June 2012. Under a completely new organisation, Evans will manage planning and design work for both the ILC and CLIC as well as for the colliders' detectors. He takes up office in summer 2013, when the ILC's Technical Design Report is officially handed over to ICFA and the ILC Global Design Effort completes its mandate.
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Detecting all the challenges | 10 May 2012

ILC NewsLine - Detecting all the challenges Why will the International Linear Collider have two detectors? What's the story behind this decision, and what are the challenges that the ILC planners and detector developers face? Today's issue concentrates on the big questions that (literally) surround the big future particle cameras.
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Japanese interest in hosting the ILC | 19 December 2011

ILC NewsLine - Japanese interest in hosting the ILC On behalf of my colleagues worldwide who have been working so hard to develop a design for the International Linear Collider, we enthusiastically welcome the Japanese expression of interest in hosting the ILC. We report in today’s special issue of NewsLine on a special high-level meeting addressing this subject that was held in Japan last week.
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Happy 100th Anniversary, Superconductivity | 5 May 2011

ILC NewsLine - Happy 100th Anniversary, Superconductivity This year marks the centenary of the discovery of superconductivity, the property that allows us to focus bunches and bend beams, opening the way to probe the most basic principles of the universe. Without it, there would be little talk of accelerating gradients, quality factors or large colliders. In this issue, we celebrate the weird and fascinating phenomenon discovered 100 years ago.
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ILC cavities – a globally successful year | 9 December 2010

ILC NewsLine - ILC cavities – a globally successful year As this year draws to a close, the global ILC project can look back on a year of progress.

In this issue, Barry Barish describes and explains a year-long process for evolving the ILC Baseline: setting the average cavity gradient and quality factory requirements. You will also read hot news from KEK's superconducting radiofrequency test facility and chilly news from Fermilab, where the first US ILC-type eight-cavity cryomodule was successfully cooled down to 2 kelvins.
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Future machines and projects | 19 August 2010

ILC NewsLine - Future machines and projects Today's special topic is the future. For a future project like the ILC, the future is of course always present. This week, however, we start a small series on other possible projects in particle physics, first with a general overview, then later with profiles of individual concepts.

Is there one you'd like to read about? Then let us know
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Women in science | 3 June 2010

ILC NewsLine - Women in science Welcome to another special issue of ILC NewsLine! This time we do not focus on a challenging technical issue or possible spin-offs from ILC technology, but on a topic that we hope will not be an issue any more by the time the ILC is running: the lack of women in science. The current ILC management is no exception: the Executive Committee is an all-male group. This issue tells you more about women in accelerators and projects supporting women in science, sometimes from an early age. If we have missed important programmes or projects please let us know!
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LHC | 8 April 2010

ILC NewsLine - LHCThe Large Hadron Collider, the world's most powerful particle accelerator, started its physics programme with first collisions at 7 Tera-electronvolts last week. The future of the ILC is determined by these results, and even though it will take a few years for the Higgs or supersymmetric particles to emerge we are pleased to welcome you to a special LHC issue of ILC NewsLine. Read a Director's Corner on how the two machines are connected, a letter from Rolf Heuer about the discovery potential of the LHC in the next years, find out what an ILC operations web page could look like, check the latest LHC preprints or browse our collection of useful links... and celebrate this great era for particle physics.
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Detectors | 14 May 2009

ILC NewsLine - Detectors The ILC detector activity entered a new stage with the submission of the three Letters of Intent and the start of evaluation by the International Detector Advisory Group (IDAG) (see my last article). This issue of ILC NewsLine is dedicated to these Letters of Intent or LOIs – one feature looks at how they will be evaluated by the advisory group, one at how they were written, and Barry’s Corner highlights some special R&D challenges where machine and detectors meet. During the TILC09 workshop in Tsukuba, the three concept groups made presentations on their detectors and physics performance which were attended by the IDAG members.
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The ILC is a gateway to technology | 9 April 2009

ILC NewsLine - The ILC is a gateway to technology The science community wants to build the ILC to answer some of the most fundamental questions about the universe and the laws that govern it. A new brochure looks at a number of other answers the ILC may bring: those from technologies developed for the project that can benefit all of society in many different areas. This issue of NewsLine is a special on the possible benefits from the ILC and other particle physics projects.
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Electron cloud | 12 March 2009

ILC NewsLine - Electron Cloud Every cloud has a silver lining – and some have special coatings. This issue of ILC NewsLine is dedicated to one of the big challenges ahead for the scientists and engineers working on the ILC: fighting the unwanted clouds of electrons that can form when particle beams travel through the ILC's damping rings. The Director's Corner lists all R&D efforts, there's a profile of the new damping ring group leader Susanna Guiducci, and NewsLine talks to an electron cloud expert at CERN, where electron cloud is also a problem, even though the machines are completely different.
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