International Expert Panel (Decision process for a global project applicable to the ILC)

The International Expert Panel discusses a general description of the evolution of a global project from conception to operation, which could be applicable to the ILC. Discussion for the specific case of the ILC will then follow, describing the full lifecycle of the project, suggesting processes for necessary decisions and potential consequences of those decisions. In addition to the regular meeting of the Panel, occasional meetings together with officials from the governments interested in the ILC and from CERN will be envisaged to ensure that all opinions are shared and discussed, in order that a common view among the participants can be developed.

Contact for IDT International Expert Panel


Members of IDT International Expert Panel

Ursula Bassler France
Philip Burrows United Kingdom
Beate Heinemann Germany
Stuart Henderson United States / ICFA Chair
Karl Jacobs Germany / ECFA Chair
Andrew Lankford United States / IDT-EB Americas
Nadia Pastrone Italy
Antonio Pich Spain
Steinar Stapnes CERN / IDT-EB Europe
Nigel Smith Canada
Geoffrey Taylor Australia / IDT-EB Asia-Pacific
Katsuo Tokushuku Japan


Core Group

Andrew Lankford, Steinar Stapnes, Geoffrey Taylor


Tatsuya Nakada (IDT-EB Chair)

Scientific Secretary

Wataru Ootani (IDT-EB Scientific Secretary)