• Interview with Peter Higgs (Playlist)

    Lyn Evans, former Director of the Linear Collider Collaboration and the LHC project manager during the construction and commissioning phase, talks with Peter Higgs.
  • ILC Universe Tutorials by Hitoshi Murayama (Playlist)

    Prof. Hitoshi Murayama gives fun lectures about particles, the universe, and the ILC. Use auto-translation to watch them in your language.
  • Nobel laureates support the ILC (Playlist)

    Distinguished Nobel Prize-winning physicists speak out in support of the ILC project. (Prof. Barry Barish, Prof. Steven Weinberg, Prof. Masatoshi Koshiba, Prof. Gerard t’Hooft, Prof. Burton Richter, Prof. Toshihide Maskawa, Prof. David Gross, Prof. Sheldon Glashow)
  • The International Linear Collider: worldwide collaboration in the search for new physics

  • What the science community can do to make the support for the ILC visible | Replay

    Recording of a roundtable from the ILC Workshop on Potential Experiments 2021. (Rika Takahashi, Toshihiko Katsuda, Chip Brock, Hitoshi Murayama, Aidan Robson, Barbara Warmbein, Daniel Jeans, Jurina Nalkajima, Amanda Wayama, Natsumi Yagi, Veronica Dow, Aimi Bell, Gary McLeod)
  • The ILC in 2 minutes

    Computer-generated animation of the ILC by artist Rey.Hori.