Speakers Bureau (WG3)



Ivanka Božović-Jelisavčić (U. Belgrade – Chair), Alain Bellerive (Carleton U.), Kiyotomo Kawagoe (Kyushu U.)
Email: idt-wg3-sb@ml.post.kek.jp


List of IDT WG3 Talks

LeptonPhoton 2021https://indico.cern.ch/event/949705/

Aim to host an in-person conference (abstract to be submitted soon), January 10-14, 2022


18-22 October 2021 (to be posted)

  • Flavor-Tagging of Quark Pairs at e+e- Higgs/Top Factories, Jesús P. Márquez (IFIC and University of Valencia) – (slides link / to come)
  • Strange Quark as a Probe for New Physics in the Higgs Sector, Matt Basso (University of Toronto) – (slides link / to come)
  • Probing Anomalous ZZH couplings at the ILC, Tomohisa Ogawa (KEK) – (slides link / to come)
  • Probing anomalous WWH coupling at the ILC, Junping Tian (University of Tokyo​) – (slides link / to come)
  • Search of Higgs exotic decays at the ILC, Yu Kato (University of Tokyo) – (slides link / to come)

PANIC 2021https://indico.lip.pt/event/592/

Online conference, 5-10 September 2021

  • Detector R&D for the International Linear Collider, David Miller (U. of Chicago) – (slides link / to come)
  • ILC Higgs physics potential, Shin-ichi Kawada (KEK) – (slides link / to come)
  • Probing dark matter with ILC, Aleksander Filip Zarnecki (U. of Warsaw) – (slides link / to come)

SUSY 2021 – https://indico.cern.ch/event/875077/

Online Conference, 23-28 August 2021

  • Why SUSY is great, Hitoshi Murayama (Berkeley, Kavli IPMU) – (slides link)
  • Probing Dark Matter with ILC, Aleksander Filip Zarnecki (U. of Warsaw) – (slides link)
  • Prospects for Chargino Searches and Measurements at the ILC, Maria Teresa Nunez Pardo de Vera (DESY) – (slides link)
  • Prospects for Stau Searches and Measurements at the ILC, Mikael Berggren (DESY) – (slides link)

EPS-HEP 2021, European Physical Society Conference on High Energy Physics
Online Conference, 26-30 July 2021

Parallel talks and posters:

  • New ideas on detector technology for the ILC experiments, Maxim Titov (CEA Saclay, Irfu) – (slides link)
  • ILC Higgs physics potential,  Shin-ichi Kawada (FLC) – (slides link)
  • Higgs invisible and rare decays at ILC, Chris Potter (U. of Oregon) – (slides link)
  • Top quark physics at ILC, Roman Poeschl (Orsay, LAL) – (slides link)
  • Probing dark matter with ILC, Wojciech Kotlarski (TU – Dresden) – (poster link)
  • CP violation in the Higgs sector at ILC, Tatjana Agatonovic Jovin (VINCA Institute of Nuclear Science) – (poster link)

LHCP2021, 9th Edition of the Large Hadron Collider Physics Conference
Online Conference, 7-12 June 2021

  • New ideas on detector technology for the ILC experiments, Bohdan Dudar (U. Hamburg) – (poster link)