Published on 12 June 2013, The ILC Technical Design Report (TDR) is a five-volume report containing the blueprint for a future particle physics project. It marks the completion of many years of globally coordinated R&D and completes the mandate of the Global Design Effort. It contains all the elements needed to propose the ILC to collaborating governments, including a technical design and implementation plan, that are realistic and have been optimised for performance, cost and risk.

Highlights of the achievements include the successful construction and commissioning of superconducting radiofrequency test facilities for accelerators all over the world, great strides in the improvement of accelerating cavities production processes, and plans for mass production, as 16,000 superconducting cavities will be needed to drive the ILC’s particle beams. The details of the two state-of-the-art detectors that will record the collisions between electrons and positrons are also part of the report, as well as an extensive outline of the geological and civil engineering studies conducted for siting the ILC.

Read the ILC/LCC press release ( EnglishJapaneseChineseFrenchGermanSpanish) on the report publication.

Volume 1 – Executive Summary

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Volume 2 – Physics

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Volume 3 – Accelerator
Part I: R&D in the Technical Design Phase

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Volume 3 – Accelerator
Part II: Baseline Design

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Volume 4 – Detectors

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From Design to Reality

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